Emotion. That's what Knile strives for in music today. Listening to people throughout his life Knile realized at a young age that there is a key component to all of us as a whole. "We all get emotional, & many of our lives intertwine with segments of the same story." Knile's songwriting does what he believes great music should be about. Emotions & feelings. Hailing from New Jersey, immersing himself around different types of people throughout his life & the different music that they listen to, Knile has garnered a direct line to the heart. Weather it was listening to friends relationship problems or successes, life's trials & tribulations from bills, homelessness, to riches & travel. He takes the universal stories that many relate to & turns it into a song one could sit down to & believe it was written for them or about their life. "I have no problem sitting next to a group of men or women & just eaves drop on life for them & understand why they think the way they think, then when I write a song conversations from years ago can just pop up & the mentality that they use can easily find it's way into a song. People understand both sides of a story better." Now, living in Pennsylvania, Knile works hard as a songwriter while looking for original artists to collaborate with to make sure they have the best songs possible that convey that emotion & a story that will have a fan in awe wanting to listen on repeat from the feeling that they have a solid connection. It is clear that Knile wants what we all want. Great music & a world of emotion. He is prepared to hit the road with a long distance running mentality. If you love Knile & you love his music...Tell a friend, spread the word, & maybe one day one of your favorite artists will be singing one of his songs.

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